5 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Yourself Every Day (For A Happier Mind And Healthy Body)


Ayurveda’s body type can be obtained as a result of adopting the needed for living. Ayurveda is a lifestyle, in contrast to the usual diets or regimes. It’s a way of living, translated in literal terms to mean the science of life. As a human being, it proffers a different and enveloping approach to our wellness. Many think it is a temporary fix, but it is really not. Ayurveda is a habit that should be ingrained into our daily life with the ultimate goal of an eventual transformation of our health, lifestyle, and body in mind.

Ayurveda’s views originate from Vedic Culture which comes from India and has existed as one of the oldest holistic approaches to living, having been around for over five thousand years. Ayurveda does not only focus on personalized medicine, but it also has its basis on the connection and constitution of our health, mind, and body.

Ayurveda believes that each of us is a composition of a combination of the existing five elements. These combinations are referred to as doshas and there are three combinations of doshas, which are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Vata dosha is a combination of air and space, while Pitta dosha is a combination of fire and water and Kapha dosha is a combination of water and earth. What makes us distinct as humans is that each and every one of us has a combination of at least two of these doshas. Meanwhile, with the end goal of total wellness in mind, there are a certain number of tips and strategies to follow strictly and cultivate into your lifestyle in order to accomplish the sought-after Ayurveda body type.

Drink Warm Water

Glass Tumbler Sky Reflection Water Napkin Glass
Glass Tumbler Sky Reflection Water Napkin Glass

Water is basic essentiality in life. We have been told this several times and the fact still remains that it can never be overemphasized. However, in the bid to achieving the Ayurveda body type, it is not just enough to just drink water either, it is rather necessary to be intentional with the type of water you drink in particular. 

Water aids the metabolism of the body- it helps in the digestive processes and also flushes out your system. In order to assist the removal of wastes and harmful toxins by the lymphatic system, warm water was recommended by Ayurveda to aid digestion. Warm water accelerates and strengthens digestion as opposed to cold water.  It is of great benefit to the body if one could inculcate the habit of drinking warm water early in the morning, on a daily basis.

Add Spices and Herbs to Your Life

Show in the picture are yellow onions, garlic bulbs, limes, fresh ginger, fresh tumeric, parseley, fresh coriander leaves, green cardamom pods, black cardomom seeds, whole cloves, fenugreek seeds, black pepper, dried curry leaves, dried fenugreek leaves, dried bay leaves, whole cumin seeds, whole coriander seeds, raw cashew nuts, cinammon and bird's-eye chili peppers.
Spices, seasoning, herbs and vegetables

Herbs are also of vital importance in taking care of oneself and achieving overall happiness. Herbs serves a variety of purposes, such as- a means of therapy, cooking ingredients and most importantly, medicinal use.The right spices and herbs are a crucial part of your life on your way to get the Ayurveda body type. Each dosha type has herbs and spices that are particular to its composition and an Ayurveda practitioner should be consulted to find your unique dosha type. If you are not sure of your dosha type, Tridoshic herbs should be utilized. They are good because of their neutrality.

Fennel and Coriander are examples of spices and herbs to be made use of as they are good for pitta, black pepper which is good for kapha and vata, and tridoshic herbs like turmeric, cilantro and ginger, which are good for all types of dosha.

Self-massage is important

Ayurveda Wellness
Ayurveda Wellness

Among the Ayurveda, self-care is the Abhyanga, known as self-massage. The main reason why this exercise has to be carried out is simply to help in releasing stress and center yourself. Oil may be utilized for this process. Your type of skin would, however, determine the type of oil to use for your body. One thing you need to know about Ayurveda self-massage is that it does not only help in clearing the mind, it also helps in improving body circulation. Neutral oils are appropriate for sensitive skin, heavy oils for dry skin and light oils for oily skins. Your skin type also matches your dosha type.


meditation stones
meditation stones

Meditation is prescribed for a bunch of things: sickness, stress, and clarity among others. Unlike other activities, meditation has to be undergone in isolation and quietness. It involves deep inhalation and exhalation, while you ease away nerves, stress, exasperation, confusion, and consequently unclogging the mind and calming the body in the process.

In fact, one of the most essential steps in achieving Ayurveda body type is meditation. Fortunately, however, when it comes to meditation, there are no special requirements for each dosha type and it is of immense benefit to all of them.

Look for a quiet place to sit and breath, in the morning or before going to bed. There are a plethora of meditation styles, it is imperative that you find your favorite and incorporate it into your schedule. Quite a number of people underestimate the gain inherent in regularly practicing meditation. Do not let that be you. on your way to adopting the Ayurveda lifestyle, it is crucial to participate in it for your total wellbeing and peace.


Fasting a glass of water
Fasting a glass of water

Here, the sort of fasting being referred to does not imply total deprivation of oneself from food consumption as in fasting to seek spiritual experience or weight-loss. In Ayurveda, fasting has to deal with the consumption of lighter and smaller meals that correlates with your specific dosha type. This is done in the quest to pay heed to the body and give it exactly what it needs, an Ayurveda body type.

Countless religions practice it around the world, so do various cultures. The essence of fasting is to have a cleansing experience, geared towards better consciousness and clarity.  Ayurveda fasting is focused on encouraging and nourishing the digestive system by lowering the workload.

The bottom line is that the Ayurveda lifestyle is quite practicable and reasonable. Unlike other sorts of activities, it does not require a gross deviation from the norm, as it only requires a few changes in your way of living. Adopting Ayurveda as a way of living is not a difficult thing to do. All that is required is to follow the tips and strategies shared in this post stringently and make these habits your lifestyle in order to get the Ayurveda body type.

The holistic technique utilized in the Ayurveda process assists in sufficiently setting the motion for your life to settle into a placid and nice balance, resulting in the eventual wellbeing of your mind and body.

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