A Simple 30-Minute Massage to Remove Cellulite and Get a Fit Body

Every woman wants to be perfect all day and night. And every woman should know how to perform an anti-cellulite massage. Of course, if it’s done correctly and on a regular basis, the results will be great.

We reveal the secrets of beautiful healthy skin and shares them with you.

How to do it right

You’ll need:

  • A brush with natural bristles
  • A body scrub with big granules
  • Body oil
  • A silicone cup

Remember to be careful. The message shouldn’t leave any bruises. Avoid such areas as the back of your knees and the inner surface of your thigh.

Variant 1

Step 1. Apply scrub to your dry skin moving from your feet upward.

Step 2. Use the tip of your thumb and fingers to knead your skin (almost as if you were pinching yourself) for 10 minutes.

Step 3. Now apply oil and a silicone cup (make sure it doesn’t hurt so as not to leave bruises). Move the cup in a circular motion from your feet upward.

Step 4. After the massage with the cup, repeat step 2.

Perform this procedure 3 times a week for 10 minutes on each zone.

Variant 2

This variant may be called an express massage, but it’s still effective. As usual, the main thing is regularity.

Step 1. Before taking a shower, massage your skin with a dry brush. All moves should be intense. Move the brush in a clockwise motion from your feet upward.

Step 2. After taking a shower, apply some oil, and knead problem areas.