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Just Add Water To Make These Natural Indigestion Cures

We all know how indigestion feels. Most of us are accustomed to dealing with it by reaching for a packet of antacids or popping...

How Licorice Can Heal Ulcers And The Lining Of Your Gut

Long before licorice allsorts came along, licorice root was used as a natural remedy for a huge variety of ailments: sore throats, upset stomachs,...

The Incredible New Drug That Clears Up Psoriasis

If you’ve ever had a skin condition, you’ll know how much your confidence suffers. Especially when you have a flare-up. Chronic plaque psoriasis affects more...

3 Kitchen Herbs To Naturally Relieve Indigestion

Indigestion is a common ailment that most of us experience from time to time. There are numerous causes - such as eating too much...

Treat Varicose Veins Without Surgery or Lasers Naturally

When it comes to treating varicose veins, it may seem that only radical surgery can help. Indeed, some cases may be so severe that...

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How To Beat The Depression That Kills Cancer Patients

How To Beat The Depression That Kills Cancer Patients

No matter how happy or positive a person you may be, a cancer diagnosis is nothing to smile about. Depending on the stage of your particular cancer, this devastating...
Close up of overweight fat woman with a bottle of slimming pills, weight gain medicine

Medicines That Are Making You Gain Weight

When you’re ill or in pain, your main priority is to get well. Sometimes that can mean changing your diet or undergoing special therapy. Sometimes it can be taking prescription medication.

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