Tips and Resources for Seniors. Who Want to Make a Healthy Change

Once we reach a certain age, it can be a challenge to maintain healthy practices. For instance, some seniors are living with a disability, while others live alone and don’t realize the safety issues they face in their homes. Still, others settle for simple, microwavable meals without much nutritional value because they don’t see the point in cooking for one person. There are many ways you can introduce healthy habits and lifestyle choices into your daily routine, however, and they aren’t necessarily expensive or difficult to get used to. Here are a few tips and resources for seniors who want to make healthy changes in their lives.

Consider Moving to a Facility

These days, seniors have many options when it comes to independent living. Staying in your home may not be the safest option if you are living with a disability or mobility issues or if you live alone and suffer from isolation or depression. Independent living offers seniors the ability to remain vital and active while enjoying the benefits of community living, and there are various price points so it’s important to do some research and take a few tours. Keep in mind that facilities in Chicago typically range from $1,500 to $9,750 per month.

Take Advantage of a Meal Delivery Service

Technology has brought us to the point that we’re able to have just about anything delivered to our homes at any time, and one of the perks that comes with it is being able to choose healthy meals that you can have delivered to your door. There are several different companies that specialize in meal delivery, so look online to find one near you and compare prices. Don’t forget to think about what sort of nutrients your body needs, according to your age. Some put together fresh ingredients for each meal along with a recipe so you have everything you need to create a dinner that you can be proud of. Remember that just because you’re cooking for one or two people doesn’t mean it can’t be healthy and delicious.

Get to Know Your Medicare Policy

Medicare offers some huge benefits for seniors, from discounts on healthcare and prescriptions to access to gyms and exercise programs that will help you get in shape. Think about your specific needs; for example, do you want to join a workout class? Make some changes to your policy to gain access to discounts on things like vision or dental care, and talk to a specialist who can help you make the most of your Medicare benefits. Just keep in mind that Medicare comes with specific dates during which you can make changes or sign up.

Get Outside

Depression, isolation, and anxiety can have massive effects on seniors, leaving them feeling alone, sad, scared, and unable to cope with stress or physical issues. Taking some time each day to get outside can help boost your mood, as a little vitamin D can work wonders for your mental health. If you can incorporate an activity or a social function as well, you’ll be all the better for it. Gardening, playing a sport, walking in the park, or simply sitting on the back porch talking with a friend can help you feel better when you do it regularly.

Making healthy changes in your lifestyle takes some dedication, as it can be a challenge to get out of a routine and try something new. Start slowly and ask for help when you need it, and don’t forget to take your needs into consideration. If trying a yoga class leaves you feeling anxious, try doing a few simple poses at home with the help of a chair for balance. Look for ways you can alter some changes to make them less intrusive.

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