9 Ideas how to celebrate World Veterinary Day 

Veterinarians are the only doctors who play a crucial role in the well-being of animals and humans. They specialize in different areas so that every animal gets professional and adequate treatment and care. They also wear many hats and can work in food safety and inspection, research activities for the prevention of zoonotic diseases, teaching in universities, and environmental protection. 

Every last Saturday of April, the veterinary community celebrates the positive impact of veterinary medicine around the globe. 

We have an entire article on this special day for veterinary professionals, but to give you a quick overview: The World Veterinary Association created World Veterinary Day back in 2000. They choose a theme each year to promote the hard work of veterinary professionals on the topic. The World Veterinary Association also gives recognition to a WVA member who presents an outstanding contribution to the yearly theme. 

If you came across this article, World Veterinary day is likely around the corner, and you want to get ideas on how to celebrate this special day! Here are nine ways to celebrate World Vet Day. We decided to give some options for people involved in veterinary medicine and for pet owners!

Ideas for veterinary professionals

1. Register for a veterinary webinar, seminar or workshop related to the theme of the year

Join an online or in-person activity and acquire new ideas to boost your contribution to the topic of the year. Also, participating in webinars, seminars, and workshops is a way to show appreciation for your colleagues and veterinary organizations who are hosting the event.

2. Schedule a meeting with your veterinary staff 

Although we think you should seek for your veterinary staff’s feedback regularly, World Veterinary Day would be a great chance to hear your team’s thoughts and input on how to make the work environment a better place for them, clients and patients. It is also a special day to discuss the theme of the year with the veterinary staff and hear their ideas on the matter.

3. Thank the veterinary team members 

A study done by the University of Pennsylvania explained that when managers say “thank you” to their team, there is an increase in productivity. Receiving gestures of gratitude also help with mental health and job satisfaction. 

Remember that every day is an opportunity to be grateful and tell your staff how amazing they are, but World Veterinary Day is a great day to say an authentic thank you. 

It is essential not just to say, “thank you for your hard work.” Be specific and make them feel valued“Thank you, Mary, for always receiving our customers with a smile and having excellent communication skills. I have received great feedback from loyal customers and our staff, and I am so glad to have you as part of our team” Sounds like a genuine and thoughtful thank you. 

If you want to make it extra special, you can buy gifts for your team members or have a staff appreciation dinner or party.

4. Involve your community 

Giving to your community is a significant part of veterinary medicine. Your veterinary clinic can organize events according to the World Veterinary Day annual theme. For example, if the topic is environmental protection, you could arrange a trash pick-up in your area and invite clients.

In 2019, the theme of the year was “Value of Vaccination” and many vet clinics organized talks about the importance of inoculations and started vaccinations programs to help their local community. 

You can also donate to an animal rescue! It is a heartfelt way to help other people who dedicate their lives to save animals.

5. Get creative!

Make posters, flyers, and infographics about World Veterinary Day and hang them on the walls. You can also share on social media a short video or presentation on how people can contribute to the topic of the year. 

Other ideas:

  • Check-in with your clients: make polls on social media or Instagram and ask, “how satisfied are you with the care that we give to your pets?”
  • Create a customer referral program
  • Staff-Instagram takeovers: let your clients get to know the team! 
  • Write an e-book about pet care for kids 

6. Spend some quality time with your pets

They are part of your “why” behind your passion for your career. Bake some lovely treats for Fido and Felix, go on a long walk with your dog, cuddle and watch a movie with your furry family member.

Ideas for pet owners

7. Show appreciation to your local veterinary clinic

There are many ways you can say thank you to the people who are an essential part of your pet’s life:

  • Thank you card 
  • Appreciation gifts
  • Donating to an animal charity on their name
  • Sharing about their outstanding service on social media

8. Take action with your pet

Practicing preventive care and showing some extra love to your pet can really make your vet’s life easier. On World Veterinary Day (and every day), buy your canine or feline companion some healthy treats, purchase the diet prescribed by your vet, get your purring friend some hiding places and cat trees in your house.

9. Participate in your vet’s events

What a better way to understand more about the fundamental role of the veterinary profession in the world? Take part and support the activities that your local veterinary practice organized for World Veterinary Day!


To every veterinary professional: we hope you enjoy your special day and that this article helped you decide how you want to celebrate World Veterinary Day. Thank you for everything you do! 

To pet owners: try to always be on time for your appointments, follow the advice of your vet, and honor them on World Veterinary Day and every day! They are doing their best for your beloved friend. 

Are you looking for some World Veterinary Day message ideas to use in your thank you cards and social media posts? Check out this blog post!

how to celebrate World Veterinary

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