World Veterinary Day Award 2019 Application

The 2019 World Veterinary Day theme is Value of Vaccination. The World Veterinary Day Award will take place on 27 April 2019 and offers the opportunity to celebrate the contribution of all veterinarians to animal well-being and society.

The applications for the World Veterinary Day Award are open and this award will honor one WVA Member’s activities related to this theme. In order to boost the visibility of the Award and raise the value of the award, the WVA has partnered with HealthforAnimals.

World Veterinary Day is an excellent opportunity to show how much we all appreciate the contributions of veterinarians. This day has been celebrated for about 20 years and each year, one WVA Member Association, which has undertaken activities related to the annual theme, is honored.

This year, the theme is all about the importance of vaccination, as one of the most valuable tools in any veterinarian’s arsenal. Vaccines help in the protection of the health of animals and the livelihood of farmers.

So, if you want to apply for the World Veterinary Day Award, there are a few things to know about the application process. Every WVA Veterinary Associations can apply and submit evidence of activities which show their support of the value of vaccination. Activities might include educational seminars for the public, recent research, local vaccine campaigns, or media campaigns. This year, the value of the award has reached $2500. So, the Association who gets the award will be able to use the funds for anything they want, such as rewarding the staff, supporting the community and providing scholarships.

The World Veterinary Day Award is an excellent opportunity for your Association to demonstrate your efforts and contributions to the global veterinary community, receive funds for everything you need, improve the visibility of the veterinary profession, and be honored at a ceremony which will take place in your country or at the 2020 WVA Congress.

In order to apply, you need to have some achievements and contributions related to the 2019 theme, have involvement of relevant stakeholders and the general public, have follow-up initiatives and media coverage, and collaborate with the public health sector.

The deadline for all applications is 27th May 2019 and the applications received after the deadline will be not be considered for the World Veterinary Day Award.

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