How to Celebrate World Veterinary Day?

World Veterinary Day is an annual event celebrated on the last Saturday of April. This event was created by the World Veterinary Association (WVA) in 2000 in an aim to honor the veterinary profession and promote their work. The celebration also has an award, called the World Veterinary Day Award. This award was established in 2008 when the WVA partnered with the World Organization for Animal to create it. The World Veterinary Day Award is given as a reward to the most successful contributions to the profession.

You might be wondering how the World Veterinary Day is celebrated. Each year, there is an annual theme in which many veterinarians and clinics take part. Hence, we decided to share some of the ways they use to celebrate this special day.

Sharing the Latest Veterinary Updates

Veterinary clinics partner with local agricultural extension agencies to share the latest veterinary updates. Hence, they raise public awareness about vaccination updates, pest management strategies, and herd management techniques. Moreover, they organize events, such as local trash pick-up or a food drive, in which they engage the local community.

Appreciating the Staff

Many veterinary clinics around the world celebrate this day and show how much they appreciate the veterinary staff. So, they bring lunch and eat together and give each other gifts on this day. Likewise, it’s great to be creative on this day. Hence, many veterinary clinics create posters or framed collages with photos or give thank you notes and comments highlighting all the wonderful things people have said about the staff members.

Involving Clients

Not all people, customers and clients know about World Veterinary Day. So, many clinics send emails and postcards announcing the date. What’s more, many clinics decide to host a special open house. Involving the clients is crucial for promoting the veterinary profession and your clients will feel special for being a part of this special celebration.

Giving Gifts to Veterinarians

The World Veterinary Day is a great moment to show how much everyone appreciates veterinarians. Thus, clients, colleagues, and customers give gifts to veterinarians to show them how much their dedicated work means. Some of the best gifts that a veterinarian can get are funny t-shirts, tumblers, mugs, and personalized gifts.

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