World Veterinary Day 2019

In 2000 the World Veterinary Association created the World Veterinary Day in order to promote the veterinary profession all over the world. There is a different theme for this day every year. With the themes, pet owners are reminded of the importance of animal care and how veterinary technicians can help.

This year, World Veterinary Day will take place globally on Saturday, April 27th, 2019 as it has been always observed on the last Saturday in April since 2001. This year’s theme is: Value of Vaccination.

Every year, in order to celebrate the World Veterinary Day, the World Veterinary Association (WVA) and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) organize the World Veterinary Day Award. The goal of this initiative is to reward the most successful contribution of the veterinary profession on the theme which has been chosen for that year.

World Veterinary Day 2019

Many veterinary clinics all over the globe have embraced this day and use it to promote the veterinary profession. Hence, on World Veterinary Day, many veterinary clinics organize an open day, cooking events or similar activities in which they often include the public and their clients.

In order to celebrate this special day, you can buy vets some treats or gifts to show them how much they mean to you and your pet. The World Veterinary Day is all about encouraging people to show some appreciation for veterinarians and their roles in protecting and treating animals. Even a simple ‘thank you’ card can mean the world to a veterinarian.

Veterinarians have a crucial role in supporting animal and farmer welfare besides treating and taking care of pets or animals in the zoo. They aim in ensuring animal welfare practices are followed. Moreover, veterinarians all over the world advocate for animals in everything they do.

The work veterinarians do is challenging and thus, the World Veterinary Day is the perfect time of the year when they feel that their work matters and that it’s appreciated.

Take advantage of the World Veterinary Day and say thank you to all veterinarians and show how much you value their work.

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